Bids & Proposals

Town of Hermon Paving RFQ-2017:


Addendum #1 3-10-17:

Paving Addendum # 1-2017


Town of Hermon Road Reconstruction and Pavement Preservation Projects-2017:

2017.02.06 Newburgh-Coldbrook Specifications-FINAL

2017-02-06 Hermon Bid Set 2

ATTENTION: See Addendums below and the associated clean bid sheets with material amount sheets for review. Bidders must use the provided bid form and indicate that they have received and considered the addenda:

2017-03-3 Addendum # 1 Hermon

2017-03-8 Addendum # 2 Hermon 2

Addendum 1-Bid R1

Addendum 1-Measurement and Payment R1

Addendum 2-Bid R2 2

Addendum 2-Measurement and Payment R2 2

Railway Information- Coldbrook Road:

Railway Information Addendum #3-Coldbrook Road 2017


Separate sealed Bids for the Hermon Road Project, will be received by the Public Works Director at the Town Office until 11:00AM, on March 14, 2017, and then will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The Contract Documents may be examined at the following locations: Town of Hermon

Construction Summary of Maine, (digital plan room) 

McGraw-Hill Dodge,(digital plan room) 

Works in Progress, (digital plan room) 

James W. Sewall Company, 136 Center Street, Old Town, ME 04468

Electronic copies of the Contract Documents (in pdf format) may be obtained at NO CHARGE at the Hermon Town Office from Scott Perkins or by email at or by phone at 207-­848-1010.

Each Bid shall be accompanied by a Bid security in the amount of 5% of the total Bid price, which shall be in the form of a Bid Bond. Certified checks or cash are not acceptable. The successful Contractor will be required to furnish performance and payment bonds, each in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract Price. Liquidated damages will be withheld for failure to complete the work within the specified time.