Bids & Proposals

Town of Hermon Mowing RFP 2020-2022

Town of Hermon Mowing includes multiple Town owned areas including Jackson Beach, ECOTAT, Sidewalks, Public Works Yard, HES Recreation and Little League field areas, Industrial Park Entrances, Pump Stations, The “School House” and Cemeteries. Please review the link above for RFP details and more information. Bids are due March 17 at 1pm, Hermon Town Office, 333 Billings Road, Hermon, Maine 04401.

Attention: Please see the addendum to Town of Hermon Mowing RFP 2020-2022 and the revised BID FORM below:

Addendum #1 Mowing and Cemetery Maintenance 2020-2022

Amended Mowing Bid Form 3-9-20