HSD Updates:

MASKS: Per the Governor's adjustments to executive orders, mask will no longer be required for outside student activities.    

MASKS  Per the Governor's adjustments to executive ordersmask will no longer be required for outdoor graduation.   

•2021-22 Return Plan . While we are in hopes for an eventual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions this summer (as the state opens for business), we still must plan for our full return using the updated CDC and DOE guidance.  Here is the link to a 5-day return plan for our schools.  This is a live, working document.  You will find a comment/question form at the very end.  I hope this helps our families plan for next year and provides for a more relaxed summer.   https://docs.google.com/docume... 

Did you know?

•4% of HSD students are remote learners 50/1300!  Many of those who are remote have or will be returning to in-person learning. 

•90 Students Vaccinated!  A special thank you to Mrs. Bieberstien and PCHC for their work this week on behalf of our families.  We are considering another clinic before the start of school and encourage those eligible to consider vaccination. 

Thank you Penobscot Sheriff Dept and HMS for pickup safety.   Plan adjustments for student pickup HERE!

Have a great weekend!    It's a good time to buy some Hawk gear! 


Go Hawks!