Good morning Hermon parents, 

This message is for our middle and high school families.  Over the past two days, we have climbed to 13 cases at HMS and 21 cases of Covid at HHS.  We continue to contact and trace this quick surge in cases.  There are 2 cases at PADS. 

Due to an abundance of caution, we will move to remote learning for all grades 5-12 beginning next Monday and there will be NO SCHOOL tomorrow, Friday.   Grades 5-12 will return to in-person learning on Monday, September 20.  

The elementary school will remain in regular sessions.  

Today, students, teachers, and staff will be working to prepare to pivot to remote learning.  This includes finishing the distribution of student technology and teacher preparation time on Friday for next week's remote learning. 

This decision uses the MCDC guidelines for outbreak schools which would suggest a large number of quarantined students, pushing us to a remote status.  This was a decision that included input from our local administrators, nurses, school committee, and the MCDC.    

I would remind you all that it is to our advantage to sign up for pool testing and to be vaccinated.  For example, if all students were participating in pool testing and or vaccination we would have escaped the need to be remote based on MCDC guidelines.  

Today we will be meeting to see if we can maintain after-school outdoor activities for those that qualify by MCDC guidelines and will get that information to you today.    

Please contact your school principal or nurse with questions.  

Today and tomorrow any student absence will be excused.   Hopefully, this reset period will allow us to slow or stop this trend.  

Please be safe and do not send your child to school with any COVID-like symptoms.  

Thank you.