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COVID Update


Hermon Families,

I have been working with our three school nurses and based on our local counts for this week, February break, and this week's pool testing, we will now move to a mask optional phase beginning Monday, March 7th in each of our schools and on busses.   

HHS= 1 case (1 positives in pool) 0.3% of students

HMS= 1 case (3 postives in pool) 0.6% of students

PADS= 3 cases (4 over break, 1 positive in pool) 0.8%

Families will now make mask choices that are best for themselves and we will respect those choices.  I want to thank you again for the home screening that you have been doing for the past two years.  It will be even more important to NOT SEND SYMPTOMATIC students to school.

We believe that our middle and high school students are mature enough to honor family choices and or to make their own choice for masking. Elementary parents can connect with their classroom teacher with any special requests.

Pool testing has given us valuable information about school cases, we will continue testing until its usefulness is no longer realized.  We anticipate an updated state SOP from the DOE on March 9th. Our friends in Carmel and Levant are also mask-optional beginning next Monday.

Our nurses will continue to work with families regarding BiNax tests, symptomatic students, and helping families with CDC guidelines for positive cases.  CDC recommendations can be found HERE.

Have a great weekend.

Turn the lights out on your way to the Cross Center!!!!